Sport: handicapped and valid on the same ground

Organized by the Disabled Sports Departmental Committee, a day devoted to outdoor activities was organized yesterday Wednesday, October 12 at Fort du Cognelot in Chalindrey with great success.

The Departmental Handisport Committee makes every effort to publicize the many possibilities available to people with disabilities. And in this area, the Department is teeming with possibilities which we do not suspect the existence.

The Disabled Sports Departmental Committee organized yesterday, Wednesday October 12, at Fort du Cognelot in Chalindrey a day of discovery of outdoor activities. “We want to develop outdoor sports. For this, we are lucky to be able to count on many partners”, explains Caroline Gall, head of the Disabled Sports Departmental Committee. On the esplanade of the fort, several stands awaited visitors. The rural households of La Vingeanne had commissioned Stéphane Quéqueville, manager of the Villegusien sailing base to present an electric mountain bike stand as well as electric balance bikes. This stand was next to, and well placed, all-terrain electric wheelchairs. Vehicles fully adapted to people with reduced mobility which allow you to travel on paths in the undergrowth. The “original games” of the Departmental Federation of Rural Homes were invited to this day. Games where the collective is essential.

Angélique Brunaux from the equestrian center of La Liez came with these ponies (©JHM).

Similarly, the tourist equestrian center of La Liez by Angélique Brunaux offered rides within the walls of the fort. Extended walks outside for those who wish with the local Sorcerers Walkman club.

Caroline Gall did not hide her satisfaction to see this beautiful day being crowned with success, under an unexpected sun.


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