Sport for All is starting up again

Recently, the Sport pour Tous association held its 44th general assembly at the Salle des Associations.

Evelyne Pagès gave an overview of the activities, highlighting the difficulties encountered by the club during all these months of pandemic.

The activities have, for some, continued in accordance with the instructions, activities that were idling in view of the concern and doubts that inhabited the members of the club.

Reduced workforce in 2020: 159 members instead of 190 in 2019 (i.e. 16% less). Majority of women (125 for 34 men). 85 registered in the gym (81 women and 4 men), 89 registered in walking (59 women and 30 men) and 15 people registered in both disciplines.

The majority of members are from Sébastien and the average age is 68 years. A gym member is 88 years old.

The hike, stopped in October 2020, resumed in December in small groups in the presence of many animators. The gym resumed in September 2020 and stopped again in Toussaint. The video course proposals did not meet with the hoped-for success. From May courses were given (and appreciated) on the synthetic stage. For all changes, an email has been sent to members.

Outings: a weekend in Sète, an outing to Lake Pareloup and a stay at La Tamarissière (40th year), trip scheduled to Saint-Aygulf in October.

As for finances, they are slightly positive. The animators were paid from November to May then, depending on the courses given.

The moral and financial reports are unanimously approved.

Classes have resumed since September with compulsory health pass and respect for barrier gestures. There is no discovery session this year.

The association thanks the municipality for the provision of the rooms and the stadium. She would like to thank Jo Rouzé for the years as a hike leader that he stops this year as well as all the volunteer leaders.

The club calls for volunteers to volunteer for the board and the various committees.

Reminder: the hike challenge is scheduled for May 15, 2022.

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