sport, color, decibels and a lot of passion

They are sometimes twenty-five years old, often more than thirty. The oldest is nearly 60 years old. They are even proud to reveal their age. They are these so-called collector cars, whose owners are in love and which they admire during their summer outings. There are also sportswomen eager to show what they are capable of.

The historic Montée des Abbans is an opportunity to bring together and offer the public an anthology of still dashing models, in gleaming colors, so much they are pampered until the last moment. “The day before the race, I went to the garage to have my brakes checked. I needed to feel perfectly safe”, confirms Jean-Michel, before taking the start.

Marcadier, Zastava, Ford Mustang…

The departures are given at the bottom of the hill of Abbans-Dessus. At 2 p.m., the horses are released. The decibels too, and in the first hairpin bend, the tires give up a bit of rubber. Spectators appreciate it. They will see an original Marcadier, 205 GTI, BMW, NSU, Chrysler, Ford Mustang, Zastava…etc. They come from the region, from the Vosges, from Savoie and from Germany. In the car parks, green, pink, black, white, yellow, the drivers quietly wait their turn to set off, once, twice, three times… as many times as it takes for an after- full afternoon.

Seven months of work

For Daniel Lamarche, president of the Byans Auto Sport association which organizes the “Montée”, it is the culmination of seven months of work: “Luckily I am not alone. The hundred volunteers who surround me effectively allow the smooth running of a weekend that everyone is waiting for impatiently. They come from the surroundings but sometimes from afar. De Gray, Doubs and Pontarlier for example. It is for me the moment to thank them as well as the municipalities of Byans-sur-Doubs, Abbans-Dessou s and Abbans-Dessus. Without forgetting Jean-Pierre Dequaire for the pleasure he provides to his disabled passengers”.

As he speaks, the cars move in waves towards the starting point, then rush to Abbans-Dessus, before descending towards Byans and Abbans-Dessous. A loop that allows an even larger audience to enjoy the show.

La Montée historique, a sight not to be missed.

The round of cars resumes this Sunday at 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Remind the public to respect the prohibited areas and to pay attention to the advice of flaggers.

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