Sport-boules: « It would be historic to win a new title », confides Michelle Arvieu

Launched on a very positive dynamic for several years now, the Entente Bouliste Biterroise does not intend to stop there. The president assumes the ambitions of her club.

Your men’s team shone again this year. What do you remember from this season?

Lots of satisfaction. We have been champions of France for two years and are moving up to the next level at the end of the season, in Elite 2. Our results in recent years have been very interesting, which bodes well for the future. Especially since we are going to participate in the semi-finals of the French club championship. It would be historic to win a new title this year, especially since the finals will take place in Balaruc-les-Bains.

How do you explain such success?

We didn’t necessarily expect to be in the lead. As the years pass, the level rises. This season, the matches are tighter and tighter, we feel that there is a lot of quality in all the teams. But we’re lucky to have a close-knit group that enjoys playing together. The players know each other well, they are really happy to live these collective adventures.

Like the rest of the sporting world, the club has suffered over the past two years. In what state of mind are you today?

We have regained morale. But of course we went through some complicated times, the start of the season was difficult. Some players were touched and affected, others had lost the motivation and desire to play. But we must now turn this page and focus on the future.

As president of the club and vice-president of the FFSB, are you confident for the future of the discipline and its clubs?

Yes quite. We have two very distinct practices, the traditional one and the sports one, made up of relays and physical tests. This format has allowed us to attract many young people in recent years and to diversify the discipline. Today, Sport-Boules is an activity that can be practiced at any age. In Béziers, we also have young people who have joined the older ones. It’s a very interesting mix. Without forgetting the female practice, on which we rely a lot. Our team has just hung up on its maintenance in Elite 2. What is interesting is that several young players have taken their license at the club in recent months. It is very promising for the future.

Exactly, how do you see it?

Our wish is to continue to move forward, to have good results in the coming months. It would be fantastic if our men’s team went for a new title. But above all, I hope that we will be able to continue to fully practice our passion, taking as much pleasure as possible.

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