Sport boules: Balaruc validates his ticket for the play-offs


On the last day of the Elite 1 group, Saturday 4 December, Balaruc followed with a victory over Aix-les-Bains, 30/15.

Before this meeting, the group’s first place was already assured for the Balarucois, but they had to win in order to remain undefeated in the group at the end of this first phase to meet the first objective of the season.

And the suspense was quickly clarified. After the first three laps dedicated to races, points, combined and precision shots, the score was 25/6 at the break, already ensuring the final victory.

« Nothing is done yet »

The fourth round devoted to the traditional events, without any particular stake, allowed the coach, Patrick Verne, and the sporting director Manu Bilon, to try some adjustments on the team rosters. Final score: 30/15, only one victory for the triple, thus validating first place in the group and access to the play-offs.

« To remain undefeated at the end of the first group, that was the goal, savored Patrick Verne. On signed a well-made first part of the match with very good performances. We are still a little over our hunger on the traditional but we made some adjustments that will allow us to approach the play-off phase with a little more conviction. « 

« On a group which is super-receptive, which participates and which is united, it is very good. But nothing has been done for the moment; see you on December 18 for the start of the play-off ».

The drawing of lots designated the Haut-Garonnais de Saint-Jory, at the boulodrome de Pech Méja from 2 p.m. for the first day of the group.


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