Sport. Back to school full of ambition at Denain Swimming

At Denain Natation Porte du Hainaut, the “competition” group returned to the NaturéO pools at the end of August. On September 5, he was joined by the swimming school, the beneficiaries of “Nager Sport Santé” and even the youngest members of “J’ènds à Nager”.

Health crisis = from 380 to 120 swimmers

This return is eagerly awaited: “ Before the Covid, we were at 380 licenseesrecalls the Chairman, Jérôme Millotte, When club activities resumed when Naturéo opened on January 24, we only had 120 swimmers left. But in the space of five months until June, we had already returned to 240 members. This is to say if the flagship swimming club in Hainaut remains attractive.  » We have a generational gap of three years to catch up, with so many young people who have not been able to learn to swim or join our club, Naturéo will do its part to make up for this delay and so will we as a federal player. Young swimmers remain the cornerstone of our training club strategy. With the government’s Sport Pass and the municipality’s Sport Culture check, we expect to explode the numbers this fall. »

Be part of the top 20 national clubs

Now having a tool at the  » top of the top With NaturéO, Denain Natation sees big and has the means to match its ambitions. New private partners have joined the club.  » Sports swimming remains the heart of our business“, emphasizes Jérôme Millotte. Stated objectives: Find our level of National 1 A and be part of the 20 best national clubs in the interclub ranking, announces the president. We also hope to send the most swimmers to national competitions. »

A new coach from Cambrai

To do this, the competition group has a new coach in the person of Alexandre Callens from Cambrai.  » His main mission will be to build our sports studies project with the Kastler high school for the start of the 2023 school year. Ten to twelve swimmers from regional or national level will join him to build a great team. It will be a career project combining school and sport. Then, to restart in September the class with arranged hours at the Villars college in which college students have additional training slots. » The club now has eight educators, two more than last season.  » With NaturéO, we have an even more interesting time span for training and therefore a greater possibility of hosting in terms of licensees compared to Gustave Ansart.“, says Jérôme Millotte.

Interclubs and large meeting

Denain Swimming also intends to shine by organizing major sporting events. Thus, at the end of November, NaturéO will welcome interclubs of all categories, i.e. the eight best regional clubs.  » With its lanes, electric timing and LED walls, Naturéo meets federal requirements“, underlines the president. In mid-January 2023, it will be the turn of the big meeting BC Nord Denain Natation Porte du Hainaut.

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