Sport at school: France relegated

It all starts, as often, with a tweet. At the beginning of August, at the end of the Olympic Games, France, despite its generally mediocre performance, established a ruthless domination over team sports: silver in men’s basketball, gold in men’s handball and volleyball, gold also in women’s handball. Never seen. Jean-Michel Blanquer catches the ball quickly, and congratulates himself on Twitter: “Long live team sport! Long live the EPS! The success of our French BHV teams (Basket, Handball, Volley, Editor’s note) illustrates the quality of teaching these sports at school. We salute the work of PE teachers and the good collaboration with the federations. “The exercise of self-satisfaction turns into disaster: French athletes take the minister on the fly, in a series of earthy posts. Basketball players, handball players, swimmers, rugby players, the list of mockers is growing rapidly. Among them, the most audible was Evan Fournier, winger of the French basketball team, Olympic vice-champion and star of the NBA. The player gave several interviews in August denouncing the ridiculous remarks of the minister, and recalling the impossibility for the meager hours of school sport to train champions. So, is the culture of sport at school in France incomplete, or is it on the contrary a vector of excellence? […]

For the French Enlightenment, man finds his dignity exclusively in the exercise of his reason, which throws the body into oblivion. An oversight that continued throughout the 19th century

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