sport and delicacies to spice up the 21st edition

The city of Paris was to unveil the program for its 21st Nuit blanche on Monday, September 12, the artistic direction of which was entrusted to Kitty Hartl. For the occasion, nearly 200 artistic events will be offered to the public on October 1, 2022 in the capital, the metropolis and along the Seine as far as Rouen and Le Havre, a city for which the curator has been developing the artistic program since 2019. a Summer in Le Havre, alongside Jean Blaise, a longtime accomplice.

Founder of Cabaret New Burlesque, a show of strippers brought to the screen by Mathieu Amalric (in Tour), Kitty Hartl, a programmer of Austrian origin, has launched interdisciplinary festivals in Nantes and Korea. With Jean Blaise, she founded Le Lieu unique in Nantes in 2000, then co-organized the Nuit blanche in Paris in 2005. For the 20th anniversary of the Nuit blanche (founded in 2002), this lively fifties chose to draw inspiration from garden of delightsthe great triptych of Jérôme Bosch, to offer fifteen festive and dreamlike projects in Paris, some also evoking the links between art and sport, as a prelude to the arrival of the Olympic Games in 2024.

The 1982 Sevilla semi-final replayed at the Charléty stadium

In the Nelson Mandela garden of Les Halles (1st arr.), the Dutch collective SMACK will present Speculum, a giant digital triptych replaying the scenes of Hell and Paradise painted by the Flemish artist but populated this time by mutant creatures  » questioning our relationships with others and with technologies “, According to the statement of the City. The work will also be projected simultaneously in Rouen in the heritage site of Aître Saint-Maclou, one of the last cemeteries with galleries in France.

In Paris, at the Charléty stadium (13th arr.), the director and performer Massimo Furlan will have a team of passionate amateurs replay the famous semi-final of the World Cup which in 1982 opposed France to Germany, finally lost by the Blues. Careful reconstruction but without the German team and with an imaginary ball, this Nightmare of Seville, tragedy in 2 acts, intends to play with the collective memory of the event.

Works also in churches

Another spectacular work announced: that of Joanie Lemercier who will project above the Canal de l’Ourcq (19th arrondissement) spatialized 3D videos evoking the cosmos, lulled by music by Paul Jebanasam.

As with every edition, Parisian churches should also open their doors and host artistic projects during this Nuit blanche, under the impetus in particular of the association Art, Culture and Faith.

Note from 2023, the Nuit blanche will no longer be held in October, but on the 1st Saturday of June following a vote by Parisians. Some frost and showers having somewhat showered the previous editions, the objective is to benefit from a more favorable climate.

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