sport, a precious ally for health

10,000 steps per day. This is the challenge launched by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation throughout the month of September with Operation Steptember. The opportunity to recall the positive impact of sport on people with cerebral palsy.

 » Since I do more sports, I am less tired, and running serves as a beneficial stretching session « . Emmy, who has cerebral palsy, is  » Coach Steptember « . For the fourth consecutive year, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation is launching the operation Steptember (link below). The principle: during the whole month of September, in teams of four, take 10,000 steps per day (or its equivalent among around forty activities to be selected) which will be transformed into donations for research. Last year, 200,000 euros were collected thanks to the mobilization of 2,000 walkers. In 2022, the Foundation sees further and has therefore hired disabled coaches. Emmy, Louis, Jason and Adalia’s mission is to encourage as many participants as possible but also to educate the general public. Louis, at five years old, is rider coach » ;  » Believing in the benefits of hippotherapy, we enrolled him at the age of three in an adapted equestrian center, a perfect combination of rehabilitation and pleasure. “, according to his parents.

125,000 people affected in France

First cause of disability in children, cerebral palsy affects 125,000 people in France and can generate sensory or cognitive deficiencies. In her case, Emmy was diagnosed very late, at the age of 32.  » I am an atypical case “, she explains. Suffering from hemiplegia and hemianopsia (reduced visual field) on the left side since birth, the young Welshwoman grew up in a family  » where not to complain and passes over his sufferings in silence. Once arrived in France, the diagnosis falls after a battery of examinations. Now 39, Emmy regrets not discovering her disability sooner: If I had had rehabilitation from the start, I would probably have preserved my functional side, which was becoming more and more worn. « .

The benefits of sports

Nothing stops the young mother, however, who runs three times a week and has even registered twice in a row for a half-marathon.  » I want to show that cerebral palsy does not prevent movement; on the contrary, sport helps to maintain good physical and mental health “, she specifies. A postulate taken up by the High Authority for Health which recommended at the beginning of January 2022 that people with cerebral palsy bet on sport as part of their rehabilitation (article in link below). Strengthening and aerobic exercises, cardiorespiratory training or walking can be valuable natural remedies. To get the message across, Emmy chose social networks and in particular instagram (@runemmy_c) where she shares her latest scores, her feelings, the races to come or even the adaptation of the practice with her handicap.

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