[sponsorisé] Full of NFL caps at Brooklyn Fizz

In the Lyon store or online, Brooklyn Fizz will dress you up in the colors of your team.

Want to dress your head in the colors of your favorite NFL team? Brooklyn Fizz has it all.

Snapback, 59-Fifty, 9-Fifty, 39-Thirty… A huge selection of New Era caps is available to you. From the most sober logo to the most fun colors, there is literally something for all tastes and all colors.

Those who are more cautious can even opt for the New Era hats.

In the Lyon store (17 rue childebert, 69002 Lyon) or online, Brooklyn Fizz also offers NFL t-shirts, balls, jerseys, cards and figurines.

And of course, Brooklyn Fizz remains your essential detour for all your desires in terms of American groceries. Nearly 800 references of US food products are available on the site.

Visit BrooklynFizz.fr

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