Spencer Dinwiddie points finger at NBA referee for insulting him

As after each game, NBA players pass on the podium to answer questions from journalists. But yesterday, Mavericks player Spencer Dinwiddie started his press conference with a very specific message, intended not only for the NBA but also and above all for veteran referee Tony Brothers, who allegedly insulted him behind his back…

For those who weren’t in front of their screen for the Mavericks – Raptors game last night, a little catch-up session.

We are in the last minute of the first half, and Spencer Dinwiddie is penalized with a take foul transition for stopping a counterattack. In the eyes of Dinwiddie, the call is unjustified and he lets it know to the referee Tony Brothers, who draws faster than his shadow to inflict a technical foul on him. Nothing crazy so far. But obviously it went further if we are to believe the Dallas guard (via ESPN).

“I would like not to be called bitch ass motherfucker (« big bitch »? You are free to translate) through a teammate. If anyone thinks that of me, and I’m not naming anyone, they can come and see me face to face because personally I haven’t uttered the slightest insult. All I said was ‘hey, that’s not a fucking take foul’, but it wasn’t anything personal. So message for the NBA, I would like to get my money back, and not take any fines for this monologue. »

At the start of his « monologue, » Dinwiddie apologized to Tony Brothers for his initial reaction, but he said the 58-year-old (and almost three decades in the NBA) referee overreacted by taking it personally. And what the Dallas player didn’t particularly appreciate in the end was that Brothers uttered this insult behind his back, during a discussion with one of his teammates (Reggie Bullock?). How will the League react to all this? Can Tony Brothers be sanctioned if it is confirmed?

 » It’s difficult. I need to talk to Spencer. When you see all that Tony has done in this league, he is appreciated and is one of our best referees. We’re going to talk to Spencer to see what really happened. It’s a sensitive subject. We’ll see what will happen. »

– Jason Kidd, Mavs coach

It’s true that there was a lack of controversy in the NBA right now…

Text source: ESPN

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