Spectacular accident between a 2.5 million Ferrari Enzo and a Honda Jazz

“Only 400 units built, the Ferrari Enzo cost just under 700,000 euros when it was released. But its rarity and prestige allow it to reach records currently on the collector’s market: most copies generally trade at more than two million euros, ”according to the specialized publication Turbo.

This rare model and great rival of the Porsche Carrera GT in the early 2000s now has one less copy, since a model has just crashed into a Honda Jazz worth approximately 5000 euros in the streets of Channel Island of Jersey.

As ITV reports, this one is recorded in Guernsey, on an island in the English Channel located northwest of Saint-Malo in France.

Unfortunately, the two cars are completely damaged, while the speed does not seem to be the cause, according to the first elements. We do not know the exact speed of the vehicles at the time of the impact but it occurred in an area limited to 70km / h.

The first elements show that the Ferrari skidded, its rear wheels were facing the wrong way. Its rear bumper is also detached and its airbag can be seen to have triggered.

If the damage is difficult to repair, an Internet user prefers to worry about the state of health of the two drivers: “We hope that the people involved are doing well! »

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