Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia: big money that is controversial

Classico in the semifinals of the Spanish Supercup, this Wednesday evening (8 p.m.), Real Madrid faces FC Barcelona at the King-Fadh international stadium in Saudi Arabia. A relocation of this disturbing competition.

Tangier in Morocco, Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Since 2018, the Supercopa has taken place abroad, except last year in Seville due to Covid. In 2019, this competition is reinventing itself. Composed before a single meeting, the Spanish Federation decides to make it more attractive by organizing a final four between the winner of La Liga, Atlético Madrid, his runner-up, Real Madrid and the two finalists of the Copa del Rey, FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao. A new format also more profitable and remunerative, this relocation to Saudi Arabia for three seasons would report according to several Spanish media between 30 and 40 million euros per year. Italy and France have also followed the trend but this Supercopa divides and seems a new opportunity for Saudi Arabia to present itself in a better light. A ploy that some players are not fooled by.

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