Spain: stars including Griezmann moved by the video of a child being harassed in class

This video shows this child, Izan, curled up on himself, in tears, while his classmates from a school in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands insult him to the tune of « Happy birthday ».

« Today, my brother celebrated his eleventh birthday. Very happy, he went to buy a cake yesterday to celebrate (his birthday) in class (…) And instead of singing happy birthday to him, his classmates gave him the delicious surprise to sing calling him fat, » wrote his big brother Marcos on Instagram, where he posted the video on Thursday.

Coming home, Izan broke down saying « life is shit and he didn’t want to live anymore, » his brother continued, adding that Izan was being « insulted, spat on. .. » for four years under the eyes of his teachers who « unfortunately » do nothing.

This publication was relayed by the account « Es.decirdiario » – an account of « current, timeless and atypical and emotional information » according to its description – which invited its more than 700,000 followers to wish Izan a happy birthday in video.

The initiative worked so well that many strangers and stars like Atlético de Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann sent birthday messages to Izan.

« I wish you a happy birthday, celebrate it well with your friends and your family. Enjoy, life is beautiful. I kiss you hard, courage and I’m waiting for you here to see a match when you want at Wanda » , the stadium of Atlético.

In a 40-minute video compiled by ‘Es.decirdiario’, other Spanish stars supported Izan like star streamer Ibai Llanos, actor Aron Piper, known for his role in the Netflix series ‘Elite’, model and actor Jon Kortajarena or singer Aitana.

In a video posted on Friday, Izan thanked everyone who stepped up, saying it lifted his spirits and urging people to « do something » so similar situations don’t happen again.

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