Spain: La Liga calls on Amazon to try to maintain the amount of its TV rights

The current TV rights run until 2021/2022. Telefonica, via Movistar, broadcasts paid matches to the general public, and Mediapro offers an offer for bars.

At the dawn of the last year of the contract binding the Spanish Football League, there are many questions. Several weeks ago, Telefonica, which owns Movistar, claimed in the press that it no longer intends, from 2022, to issue La Liga at any cost.

Because the operator knows he is in a strong position. Holder of all paid matches, Telefonica resells its channel to competing operators, such as Vodafone and Orange, who then resell the channel to their subscribers. A large commission is then paid to Telefonica.

Vodafone is withdrawing, Orange could do the same

But for several weeks, Vodafone no longer offers its subscribers an option to see the entirety of La Liga. And Orange has just announced that it intends to do the same. Concretely, this would mean that to see La Liga in Spain, two solutions would be possible: either subscribe to Movistar via satellite, or change operator and take an internet subscription to Movistar, and thus be able to subscribe to the Movistar + TV package.

LaLiga seeks to bring in a new player: Amazon

To avoid a Telefonica monopoly, Javier Tebas then found a solution, which looks a bit like that found by the French LFP: split the lots, to force the arrival of a new operator. According to information from El Confidencial, a lot would even be created to include Amazon in the call for tenders: the exclusivity of 3 or 4 days of the championship. The e-commerce giant would then enter the Spanish market, having acquired either domestic league or Champions League matches in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, or even recently in France.

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