“Sorry”: LeBron James asks for forgiveness after his viral Instagram story!

Still as active on social networks as he approaches his 38th birthday, LeBron James has made the buzz in recent hours with a much-criticized photo. Confused, the King immediately apologized… but too late for Internet users!

With more than 130 million subscribers on the platform, it must display an irreproachable conduct, and not post anything there. LeBron James No doubt aware of this, he who has been one of the most followed stars on Instagram for years. And yet, he sometimes happens to share content there that is not unanimous, and which earns him many reproaches on the web.

LeBron James smashed for messed up drawing attempt

After sending a desperate request to its subscribers a few hours earlier, LeBron shared a new story on Monday, the reception of which turned out to be icy. In an ultra-innocent way, the King indeed wished to display his talents as a designer by trying to reproduce… Bart Simpson. Everyone will make their own opinion on the result, which is in any case the rounds of social networks:

A sketch of the son Simpson not really successful, especially at the level of the head of the famous character, and for which LBJ directly wanted to post an apology message:

Don’t mind, I’m just scribbling a few things. I miss doing it all the time. At the time, it was my escape. On the other hand, Bart has a huge head. Sorry Bart. It’s been a long time since I’ve used the ✍️

Insufficient despite everything to escape criticism from Internet users, who did not go to any lengths with the leader of the Lakers!

LeBron is 8 man

It’s more Bort Stivenson than Bart Simpson

There is no denying it: LeBron James chose the right path by heading to the basketball courts, rather than the art galleries. He can therefore already forget this career path after seeing the various murderous comments on the web!

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