« Sorry LeBron, but you’ll never get your fifth champion ring »

Still as efficient despite his advanced age, LeBron James still hopes to put on a last champion charm on his finger. According to a notorious detractor of the Chosen One, he can however say goodbye to this idea … this is not going to please the Lakers, in particular.

Clearly the Kings must have wondered if the Lebron james in front of them was indeed 37 years old. The winger has indeed stepped on them during the victory of the Lakers (122-114), accumulating no less than 31 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. A new high-class performance that allows his team to get closer to the Top 5 in the West, they who are surfing a series of 5 consecutive successes.

Enough to make the Pourpres et Ors serious candidates for the title? This is where the subject gets a little tough, their mediocre start to the season having cooled many observers. Recently questioned on the subject, the journalist Bill Simmons was in any case shown cash: according to him, there is no chance that Los Angeles can recover its throne lost last year. He even thinks that the King will never be champion of his career again!

Bill Simmons pessimistic about Lakers’ title chances

Oh, a fifth ring will never come, I hate to tell her that. I don’t see a path to the title with this Lakers team, it sure won’t happen this year. I don’t see it next year either, the league is deeper, the strongest teams in the league are better than them.

On the one hand, we can say that this exit is not very objective, Simmons being known to be a recurring detractor of the n ° 6. On the other hand, however, the facts are there: LBJ’s big league journey is nearing its end and the future Hall of Famer may still have two years ahead of it, at most. As long as he stays in good health, which is less obvious with the passage of time… and he is therefore starting to miss it.

On top of that, the Angelinos have shown a chronic inability to win against contenders this season, which is hardly reassuring for the playoffs. For that, we should already avoid the Play-In-Tournament and integrate the Top 6! The shape of the moment is good, but be careful not to fall into their pitfalls. If James has nothing to be ashamed of in 2021-22, he alone will not be enough …

We might not agree with Bill Simmons, but he’s right about one thing: the path to the Finals and the title is anything but already laid out for the Lakers. If LeBron wants his fifth ring, he’s going to have to fight hard!

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