“Sorry, but KD better shut up and play”

The recent actions of Kevin Durant still do not pass in part of the NBA community, which continues to violently attack the star of the Nets. A former champion, for example, dared to draw the famous phrase « Shut up and dribble »!

His signing with the Warriors had earned him the media tidal wave that everyone knows. At the time, the circumstances of this decision were partly enough to justify such a reaction from fans. Six years later, it is this time for an abortive departure from the Nets that Kevin Durant suffered the wrath of observers. This, while he finally agreed to reconsider his transfer request made at the beginning of the summer.

A turnaround that does not erase his previous moods in the minds of some. Indeed, the Slim Reaper’s desire to leave his franchise in the midst of chaos represents cowardly behavior for the latter, who have not hesitated to let him know since. Whether it’s complete strangers on social networks, or prestigious names in the league in the US media.

Ex-Celtic chars Kevin Durant with a shock sentence

Attached to the notions of loyalty and perseverance, many former players therefore condemn Durant’s recent acts. Starting with Shaquille O’Neal, who again violently attacked the star winger lately. Another retired pivot did the same in stride, namely Scot Pollard. Asked by Heavy.comthe 2008 champion with the Celtics clearly did not go easy on him:

Scot Pollard advises Kevin Durant to « shut up and play »:

« I heard he asked for the GM and the coach to be fired, when he’s on maybe $190m or something. Like, sorry, but you better shut the fuck up and play, man. »

Words already famous in the United States, since they had been pronounced by the famous American journalist Laura Ingraham in 2018, at the time critical of LeBron James. It is today KD who finds himself targeted by his words, he who would not have to complain about his situation in Brooklyn in view of his astronomical contract. Definitely, the 2014 MVP combines insulting statements from Boston these days !

The insults against Kevin Durant have been flying for a few days, and Scot Pollard has joined the movement with pleasure. For him, KD should already be satisfied with his fabulous salary, and not get involved in the management of his franchise!

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