soon more athletes around the world?

The International Paralympic Committee launches the Para Sport program to encourage ALL athletes with disabilities to get involved, from local competition to the Paralympic Games. A vector, according to him, of empowerment, socialization and inclusion.

 » Wherever you started, wherever you go… it starts with sport! « This is the credo of the new program » Para sports », Launched by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) on May 11, 2022. Its mission? Support National Paralympic Committees as well as International Federations, and thus strengthen the Paralympic movement at all levels, by organizing joint events and activities. It thus intends to share tools and resources to promote the participation of athletes with disabilities, from local competitions to the Paralympic Games. Result ? A stronger, more diverse and more impactful movement to ultimately promote the inclusion of the 1.2 billion people with disabilities in the world!

A path to excellence

The Para sport brand aims to highlight the transformative power of sport on the lives of those who practice it. It is based on three fundamental values: awareness, community, freedom.  » Sport is for everyone… From beginners to world champions, amateur athletes to gold medalists, and everyone in between “, assures the British Paralympic swimming champion Alice Tai, in the launch video of Para sport, subtitled and signed (opposite). She wants to raise awareness about the benefits of sport, which is not only synonymous with victories. It is also, according to her, a question of new beginning, friendship, trust… « . In short, a path that leads to excellence.  » Para Sport gives as many people as possible the opportunity to challenge themselves and helps to increase self-confidence “, insists the brand on its site (link below). This practice leads, according to her, a deep sense of freedom, empowerment and a strong sense of personal identity « .

Paralympic champions testify

Ultimately, the site aims to become a «  world home for parasport », covering all activities, from the local level to the world championships. It will also broadcast the new web-series “ It starts with sports », where para athletes share their beginnings and then their careers, distilling, along the way, some pro advice.  » It’s fantastic for us to have platforms where elite athletes can wow the world with their performances, while encouraging people with disabilities to start a journey in sport. », says Andrew Parsons, president of the CIP. Ready to take off?

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