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Ethics project.

In perpetual turmoil, the Premier League could see radical changes next spring. Following the attempted escape of certain clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham) to the disastrous Superleague project in April, the British government rushed to conduct a large parliamentary inquiry into the state of football. Led by MP Tracey Crouch, this report brought together supporters as well as representatives of the English football federation, leagues, coaches and players unions. If this report gave birth to 47 recommendations to reform football across the Channel, two provisions have marked the spirits.

The first would be the creation of an independent regulatory body for English football with financial and ethical responsibility. The other would concern the establishment of a 10% tax on transfers, in order to return the taxed sums to the clubs of the lower divisions. Nadine Dorries, Minister of Sports, said on Thursday that English football will experience a wave of change in the coming months: « We are at a turning point for football in this country and we are working hard on an action plan which will be presented in the spring » .

Hopefully it goes better than Brexit.

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