This is good news for the gyms, which have been closed for many months. a mask specially adapted for athletes could be marketed « possibly at the end of the first trimester ». This is what Decathlon ensures, which is developing this mask in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports. In a press release published this Thursday, January 21, the sports equipment manufacturer assured that the prototype of this mask is currently being studied by the French Association for Standardization (Afnor) with a view to large-scale manufacture.

Decathlon is counting on marketing « possibly at the end of the first trimester », when the Union Sport Cycle (USC), questioned by Le Parisien, foresees a marketing as of March, once the homologation then the phase of tests « in real situation » carried out. The Minister of Sports also specified that the High Council for Public Health as well as the Ministry of Health should validate it before any marketing, which could lengthen the deadlines.

A breathable sports mask

« Sport is affected because we cannot respect these safety distances imposed by the crisis. With this sports mask, which we are in the process of standardizing, we hope to be able to restore this balance between sport, essential for the health of the French, and these precautions that we must take because of the crisis « , explained Roxana Maracineanu at the microphone of RTL . According to the Decathlon press release, « the major stake of this product is to allow the practice of sport with a barrier mask, in providing the athlete with a certain ease thanks to a breathable mask and with the same filtration characteristics « .


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