Some landlords worried about Steve Cohen’s big spending

Since the last withdrawal of the World Series, we have been witnessing the spectacle of Steve Cohen, spending lavishly on him in an attempt to bring the big trophy back to Queens.

And that doesn’t seem to please everyone. Indeed, according to the one who announced the arrival of Aaron Judge (or rather Arson Judge) in San Francisco, Jon Heyman, several owners of the MLB are concerned that the owner of the New York Mets has untied the cords of the stock market in historic fashion since the start of the off-season.

Some owners had no problem with Cohen signing Edwin Diaz, Brandon Nimmo and Justin Verlander, but believe the arrival of Carlos Correa was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The latter of course made their statements on condition of anonymity, but some names immediately come to mind. We know very well those who, despite huge television contracts and revenue sharing, are reluctant to take an extra dollar out of their pockets. And they then dare to say that they are worried about not being able to compete with certain formations.

That said, it is true that this can create a disparity in terms of payrolls, but it is exactly for this reason that the luxury tax threshold has been increased and that the penalties go in the same direction.

It’s certainly worth looking into, but a salary floor is much more necessary than a cap right now in MLB.

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