Some figures to discover the history of this draft

The NFL draft fast approaching! To make you wait, we are offering you today some figures related to the next draft but also to the history of this ceremony. From the first draft to that of the legend Tom Brady, through the number of viewers or the compensatory choices, we give you tips to be ready Thursday!


The Chiefs and Saints are the two teams that will have the fewest choices in this draft. They will only be able to select five players against seven players in normal times.

Following exchanges, the Chiefs will therefore not have a fifth and sixth draft round. It can’t be said that this is a blow to the reigning champions. The Saints, for their part, will have to do without the second and seventh rounds. They should get over it too!


The first round of drafting has very important value in the NFL. Teams only trade this precious sesame for players who are really worth it. This year, six teams will therefore have no choice in the first round. Here is the list :

  • The Indianapolis Colts used that pick to bring in DeForest Buckner from San Francisco
  • The Steelers helped the Dolphins’ 14 picks by signing Minkah Fitzpatrick last season
  • Khalil Mack cost the Bears two first rounds of drafting. Like last year, Chicago will therefore not have a first round.
  • The Rams sacrificed their pick to sign excellent cornerback Jalen Ramsey (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Last transfer to date. The Buffalo Bills did not want to wait for the draft to recruit a receiver and they bet on Stefon Diggs (Minnesota Vikings)
  • Once again, Houston finds itself in a questionable transfer. They’ll be sending Miami their top pick this season and next. All this for the arrival of Laremy Tunsil.

The Rams won’t have a first choice but they have Jalen Ramsey! (photo credit: Bleacher Report)


In the exchange games, it is therefore Miami which is (for the moment) the big winner of this draft. The Dolphins enter Thursday’s event with 14 picks! To get there Miami operated a real deconstruction of its team. Not sure that this strategy will really pay off on arrival. A lot of choice does not always equate to a good choice.

The Dolphins will therefore have: 3 choices of the 1er round, 2 choices of 2th round, 1 choice of 3th round, 1 choice of 4th round, 3 choices of 5th round, 1 choice of 6th round and 3 choices of 7th tower. That’s a lot and it’s not impossible that the Dolphins are active in this draft. They could take the opportunity to reduce their number of choices in order to get into the draft.


Every year, the NFL gives out pre-draft giveaways. Based on the departures and arrivals of each team during the previous Free Agency, it offers a certain rebalancing by distributing compensatory choices, which run from 3th to 7th tower. This season, 32 compensatory picks were handed out.

Considered losers at the 2019 Free Agency, the Patriots have therefore received four compensatory choices this year. Bill Belichick’s team will notably have two picks from the 3th turn to compensate for the departure of Trey Flowers, Trent Brown or Cordarelle Paterson.


This is the number of quarterbacks chosen first in draft history. Unsurprisingly, it is obviously this position that most of the time enjoys the favor of managers and recruiters. Then there are 23 running backs, 15 defensive linemen, 7 offensive linemen and only 3 receivers, 3 linebackers and 1 safety!

In 38% of cases it is therefore a quarterback who has the honor of being called first! And habits should not change this year with the selection of Joe Burrow, quarterback of LSU.


It is one of the mythical figures in the history of the NFL draft. In 2000 the Patriots used their pick of the 6th turn, the 199th of this draft, to select a quarterback named Tom Brady. The leaders of New England do not know it yet, but they have just achieved one of the biggest shots of all drafts and all sports. The one who is considered the best player in the history of this sport was therefore chosen in 199th position!


This is the number of players who will be selected this year in the NFL draft. It is the New York Giants who will bring up the rear this year. With this 255 choice, the Giants will therefore recruit Mr Irrelevant. This nickname has been given for several years to the last draft pick, who is therefore considered an « unimportant » player.

The unknown Caleb Wilson, Mr Irrelevant 2019! (photo credit: Los Angeles Times)


This is the date of the first draft which took place at the Hotel Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia. Under the leadership of the Philadelphia Eagles and in order to balance the championship, a selection system was created. The less good teams have priority to hire the best university players. It is a real success. Even if since then the recruiting system and techniques have changed considerably, the spirit of the draft is still the same!

The organization was a little less tedious for the first NFL draft. (photo credit: ABC News)


This is the number of yards thrown by Joe Burrow last season with LSU, the record in a season of College Football. That should be enough to be picked first in this draft. Barring a huge surprise, we should find the former LSU quarterback in the Bengals jersey next season. This is one of the only certainties of this draft which promises to be once again full of surprises.

47 million

This is the number of viewers who watched the 2019 draft in the United States. This popular event for Americans set a new record. If the draft is spread over three days, it is obviously the first day (which corresponds to the first round) which is the most followed! Many fans and franchises are organizing events to follow this draft together and find out live who will be the new star of his team!

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