Soccer. Women’s French Cup: the cup’s nod to Le Goff and Quimper – football

Women’s French Cup (1st federal round). Quimper Kerfeunteun FC (R1) – CS Changé (R1), Sunday (2:30 p.m.), in Kerhuel

It is not normally the style of an old lady, but too bad for the conveniences, the opportunity was too good, the Coupe de France still allowed itself a wink. Well supported. For Christophe Le Goff and “his” daughters from Quimper Kerfeunteun.

Together in Kerhuel

Because this 1st federal round of the Coupe de France, against CS Changé (72), is equivalent to an eighth round (64th finals) and Christophe Le Goff, the new coach of the QKFC women (since October 1), has already played one (lost in tabs) when he was a player-coach at Penmarc’h (DSR). It was in 2002 against AS Vitré (CFA). And 2002 is also the year of the record for the women’s “Q” stadium in the Coupe de France (French Women’s Challenge at the time): a quarter-final against FC Lyon in Kerhuel (0-3). Hence the wink. Everyone was making their own way and here they are, in Kerhuel, for a place in the 32nd finals of the French Women’s Cup (2nd federal round).

« We are complete »

« We wanted to qualify for this first federal round because it had been a long time since the club had done so, so the objective has been reached ». But the former Cormorant is now eyeing higher: “We’re playing at home, against another R1, and we’re full. But it’s still 50/50 because the opponent arrives from Sarthe with a bus of supporters and it’s the cup. This famous old lady who winks.

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