Soccer. With the Coupe de France, the competition resumes its rights this weekend

The football championship starts in eight days. But the competition is making a comeback this weekend with the Coupe de France.


After a month of diligent preparation, the Rossfeldois return to competition this Saturday with this 1er round of the Coupe de France against Nordhouse. A delicate first meeting against the former member of R3 (who experienced the same misadventure as the locals) relegated at the end of last season. The visitors have always been a tough opponent for the « blues », it will surely be the same for this recovery. The band of Kseniak, Savio, Windenberger has finished its preparation victoriously and would like to continue its momentum. The coaches will be able to count on the return of certain vacationers to replace R. Schmitt and N. Warth suspended. They should rely on the framework of last season reinforced by « young wolves » eager to earn their place in the group. A qualification for the 2e tour would ideally kick off the season. It’s up to the Rossfeldois to put the necessary ingredients into the battle to avoid getting stuck in the starting blocks!

The « two » continue their preparation with a clear victory against Lipsheim 4-1 (N. Schmitt, Dangelser, Abidos and Rohat).


The draw was not favorable to the locals who will have to face Epfig, an opponent playing at the same level. The ground of Hindisheim being impracticable following the passages of the travellers, it is in Nordhouse that this meeting will finally take place. The Epfigeois, still deprived of the long-time injured Kum and Kurban as well as the last Han vacationers, Derradji, Kayhan, Cinar and Rhazoui will nevertheless travel with a common objective: to bring back a qualification. However, this would not be easy, but coach Wollenburg will motivate his troops accordingly.


The time for the resumption of official competition has finally come for the USN flag team. On the occasion of the first round of the Coupe de France, the men of coach Florian Lung move on the lawn of FC Rossfeld (R3) this evening. After last season’s relegation, Dylan Paulus’ teammates are keen to resume competition with serious ambitions, especially in the Coupe de France to get as far as possible in this competition. The group has remained the same as last season, with one or the other additional arrivals as reinforcements. We hope to see many supporters coming to support their favorites during this first official outing.

New friendly match for team 3 (Sun. 10 a.m.) against the Heiligenstein reserve (D7). For this new season, the pair Gaëtan D’Aniello and Brice Meyer took over from Raphaël Hartmann. They built a new group with effective recruiting which brought in many players. It is now necessary to deal with the faithful to the club and the new recruits, in order to find the ideal formula for the first league match scheduled for September 3.


That’s it, back to the official competition with like every start of the season the Coupe de France and this from this Saturday evening. It is a usual adversary that the Rhinois will find. Namely FC Matzenheim. This is the third time the two teams have met in as many seasons. At the moment, there is one all over the number of qualifications. It’s up to the locals to get their season off to a good start by qualifying for the second round. New faces will wear the FCR jersey. Even if some are still on vacation or already injured. And the new player-coach Yannick Imbs will want to start this season in a new role for him.

In Matzenheim, there is also a new coach, namely Cédric Koziak, a veteran player at Rhinau. But we will not give him any gifts on the occasion of his debut on the opposing bench.


To open the ball for the official season, the eleven pennant will go to neighboring Benfeld, to try to win the ticket for a second round of the Coupe de France. Facing the visitors, locals led by a former member of the yellow house Grégory Wetterer, who really wants to trip up his old acquaintances. He will rely in part on the performance of his eldest son Hugo at the forefront of the local attack. The visitors from Sermersheim have been reassigned to Damien Schnell who will therefore open the season with the first official match. A very short rest period will have allowed him to take the reins of a team that he finds in full, with the exception of the three suspended Elikan, Goettelmann and Obrecht (who were supposed to serve only one match but who are already at 2, or even 3! We will come back to this episode later this week). The visiting coach will be able to count on the recruits who have joined the group, Hanns, Hambli, Klein, Lang, Mattéo Ehrhard, Lorentz, all present for this first around the huge Kretz metronome in the middle at the start of the season. Victory and therefore qualification will be the key words for visitors.

Team 2 will host Bindernheim 2 as a friendly for a big staff review. The new coach of this training Quentin Hallot awaits confirmation of the first two rather interesting friendly matches.

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