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World Cup 2022 (qualifications)

He is a “playmaker” and a still essential piece in the French team. Author of a double against Finland on Tuesday in Lyon (2-0), Antoine Griezmann remains the offensive engine of a formation dependent on his technical sensitivity and his state of mind. If the Mâconnais is not always as sparkling as against the Owls, it never really misses and its volume always compensates for its temporary drops in diet.

The influencer

Tuesday, his complicity with Karim Benzema jumped to the eyes and illustrated the alchemy between two players connected by the same language. « Their relationship was excellent, » Didier Deschamps confirmed after the match. They speak the same football ”. A link exacerbated by the absence of Kylian Mbappé, whose characteristics and propensity to ask for depth necessarily influence the game of the Blues. But whatever the composition of the attacking trio, the influence of Griezmann remains evident, especially when evolving behind one or two points. « Obviously, the position where he is the best, it is in the axis », recognizes the French coach, who relies since 2014 on the striker of Atlético Madrid.

The reliable gentleman

Confidence that is due as much to his qualities as a footballer as to his state of mind. Despite his status, Griezmann plays with everyone, doesn’t place himself above the collective and never balks at defending, whether it’s a World Cup final or a charity match. . If some see a lack of personality that would partly explain his failure at FC Barcelona, ​​this ability not to want to crush others in a world rotten by egos, make it an element of extraordinary reliability.

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