Soccer | When Aleksandar Mitrović destroys his teammate’s windshield

Aleksandar Mitrović is surgically precise when he’s on the football pitch. But when he’s in training, it’s better not to be around. Tom Cairney’s car, his teammate, still remembers it.

Promoted to the Premier League this season, Fulham once again joined the elite of English football. And this thanks to his fourth second division title. This performance would never have seen the light of day without its star striker, Aleksandar Mitrović. In 44 matches, the Serbian striker scored 43 goals. Statistics that should never appear on our site in normal times. However, Aleksandar split with a gesture of which we are obliged to inform you.

Aleksandar Mitrović, the breaker of dream window

During training with his teammates, Aleksandar Mitrović is always keen to show that he is the best striker in his team. And that his finish never deceives him. But this legend has recently come to an end. While he is in position to arm, the Serb totally messed up his shot. You know those mammoth strikes your daron sent when you were a kid. Well Aleksandar realized the same. The balloon rose high in the sky, very high, to finally fall back into the parking lot of the training camp. And not just anywhere.

To get to practice, team captain Tom Cairney had the misfortune to take his car. You know the saying « in the wrong place at the wrong time »? If not, Cairney’s car knows it now.

As you can see, the ball didn’t give Tom Cairney’s car windscreen a chance. And the funny thing about this story is that this dumpling doesn’t seem to upset its author. But then, really not. On Twitter, Cairney split a short comment. Those we write with a yellow smile and a clenched jaw: He sent this to our chat. Looks like he really feels guilty, don’t you think?“.

Better still, Aleksandar Mitrović spoke again about this episode to the SoccerAM media. And he took the opportunity to add a layer.

“I was so happy that it fell on this car. In addition, it is a bit tight in terms of budget » A. Mitrović

Repentance, the main quality of Aleksandar Mitrović.

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