Soccer. The Girondins end their preparation with a small victory against Irun (2-1)


Against an opponent who was playing his first warm-up match, David Guion’s men, in 4-3-3 with Lacoux as a sentinel, immediately appeared more bloody. Applied in the organization and the defensive withdrawals, they unilaterally dominated the first period and quickly killed the suspense. Making differences with his speed, Bakwa was mowed down in the area allowing Maja to find the way to the net from the penalty spot (1-0, 10th). In the process or almost, the Englishman recovered the ball after a hazardous recovery from the Basque goalkeeper Irazustabarrena. Fixing the doorman, he served Fransergio for the Brazilian’s first goal with the Bordeaux jersey (2-0, 12th).

Alternating long play towards Maja in support and passing through the width, the Girondins then narrowly missed in the last 30 meters and at the finish. Irazustabarrena stopped a strike from Delaurier-Chaubet (26th) and above all slammed a recovery from Bakwa (32nd).

An attack-defense without lightning

Already unbalanced, the match became an attack-defense after the expulsion of Nunez Martin (38th), for a second yellow card. Yoann Barbet and his teammates seemed borrowed in the exercise, lacking speed in the transmissions, precision and verticality against the 5-3-1 Spanish. It took another acceleration from Bakwa, knocking out two players and then serving Fransergio to give himself an opportunity. The Brazilian hooked the goalkeeper but came up against a folded defender (57th).

David Guion this time waited for the 63rd minute to carry out the rotation with his “kids”. The trio Pirringuel, Rocrou, De Lima brought the desire to strike, Ekomié availability, but the accuracy was lacking. On a loss of ball from De Lima, Sissokho had to irregularly cut the first against Basque of the period. Escribano sent his free kick from a tight angle into the opposite side net of Straczek, who entered in place of Poussin (75th).

Shaken by a rant from captain Yoann Barbet, the young troops reacted well, finally creating chances through Ekomié after a one-two with Maja, by the Englishman and by Pirringuel, but in the gloves of the Spanish goalkeeper.


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