Soccer. Renaissance in Italy for the Blues

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Overwhelming and above all terribly attractive against Belgium on Thursday (3-2) in the semifinals of the League of Nations, has the France team finally found the strong act behind which it has been running for months?

This time, no one has been forgotten. The Blues threw themselves on each other, happy drunken mess. In 101 days, from the Swiss demontada of the Euro to this comeback in Turin on Thursday against Belgium, the France team has reinvented a state of grace. Like a rebirth in Italy one year before the World Cup-2022, and the act of re-founding a group that went from world consecration in 2018 to the doubts of the aftermath, three years later.
Until this blessed Thursday at the foot of the Alps, peak of fury and pride. At the foot of the wall, the Tricolores returned in a half-time of madness and a resounding success against the Belgian world No.1 on the front of the stage with the possibility of a new trophy, from tomorrow against Spain.
“There is great confidence within the team, even if it has been weakened lately. This match can serve as a benchmark for the future, ”said Hugo Lloris once the euphoria subsided.
“Because before, there was only debris ?, Didier Deschamps got a little annoyed at the question of a founding act. Watch the competitive matches: how many have the French team won? OK, we don’t win 3, 4, 5-0 but we win. Today, it consolidates what we have been able to do very well since the last gathering, taking into account that it is a new system ”.
Since June 28 and that nightmare night in Bucharest against a wild Nati in the round of 16 (3-3, tab 4-5), the Blues were pitching dangerously. After five draws, they clung to the branch of a success against Finland in September (2-0). A meager certainty in a system with three defenders that Deschamps had revived despite the failure of a first period of nothing against the Swiss. Thursday, the coach had persisted before Belgium and his wall Lukaku plunged him back into full doubt after a quarter of an hour of absence.
But as true as the fall generally precedes the rebound, the Blues have created a majestic one, returning from the changing rooms transfigured. Master of teasing and leader of the slingshot, Paul Pogba has promised that videos will show all of this moment of agitated intimacy.

Deschamps: « We are still one of the best nations »

“We said things to each other and we came back with real intentions, told the FFF Mbappé, figurehead of this blue boat suddenly drunk with pressing and envy after the drift. We have already played higher. We played in their camp. We were better at transmissions. We created occaz ‘. It gave us hope. In the end, it’s completely crazy. « It’s an energy I can’t explain, » Pogba added.
Since 2018 and Russia, the pinnacle of character and collective strength, these Blues had sought each other, alternating solid successes (Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Croatia) and more tangent performances.
Thursday, after three months of chain reactions (6 openings conceded from Hungary-France, as many defeats avoided), they found themselves as they were, signing their most beautiful comeback. “At halftime, apart from me, not many people thought we were going to reverse this situation. There is always this state of mind, this strength of character, smiled the coach. We’re still one of the best nations. This comforts him. « 
The future will tell if this act of multiple rebirth will be followed by a lasting union. Spain, from tomorrow, will be a new test. And a new peak for the Blues whose ascent may have resumed on Thursday.

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