Soccer. N2: A defeat for the first summer outing of the Herbaria. Sport

Who says first preparation match says broad review of the troops: on the match sheet of the Herbaria were checked 23 names, mixture between players of National 2 and Regional 1. What to get an idea of ​​this VHF new look, with a workforce remodeled in the off-season (twelve arrivals, thirteen departures), just like its opponent of the day Cristolien. Without drawing any conclusions of course, after an anecdotal defeat.

Wink: Stéphane Masala, former coach of the Rouge et Noir, now at the helm of Créteil, said to himself “Happy to find Les Herbiers, and to greet people with whom I had a good time. I liked the match, especially in the animation of the pressing, for our 3e warm-up game ».

photo stéphane masala found the herbaria this Wednesday.  © guillaume pacoutet

Stéphane Masala found Les Herbiers this Wednesday. © Guillaume Pacoutet

In the ancient stadium of the Peoples of La Chaume, in Sables-d’Olonne, the Vendeans had a difficult start to the game, this Wednesday, July 27: a goal conceded from the start (2 ‘), and a penalty saved by Rémi Pillot (5’). The break was not far, for Herbretais who will have suffered in the first period, without creating clear chances, against solid Ile-de-France residents. Note, half an hour into the game, the scuffle initiated by the two… captains, Pillot and Araujo. “Good example”exclaimed a spectator.

photo the two captains hang on after half an hour of play. © guillaume pacoutet

The two captains cling to the half-hour mark. © Guillaume Pacoutet

“Too disciplined”

The second period saw the debates rebalance. Grellier and Billy had the chances. But the score will remain there (0-1). « We were too disciplined, waiting for the opponent’s mistake in 2e halftime »said coach Laurent David, also referring to “a relatively interesting and consistent game after the big training session yesterday (Wednesday) . The mix between players of N2 and R1 must make it possible to find benchmarks. We ran out of rods offensively to go to the end. Our philosophy is based on fairly short passes, shifts, by raising low: we have to abuse it a little now, to prepare for the difficulty, and thus tend towards more facilities. » For the new bocage technician, “The important thing is not to have any injuries. There is still a lot of work to do, for the remaining three weeks before the championship. Some players will reach their peak of form faster than others”.


AIM. Keita (2′)

The Herbaria group. Pillot, Mohimont, Le Martelot, Traoré, Seydi, Lavenant A., Brelivet, Plisson, Joufreau, Lesage, Koukou, Lavenant P., Daury, Zobo, Temmar, Carneiro, Matondo, Billy, Caillaud, Grellier, Doré, Semaoun, N ‘Diaye.
: L.David.

Les Herbiers will play five other friendlies. Saturday, July 30 (6 p.m.) at La Châtaigneraie against Pouzauges (N3) Wednesday, August 3 (7 p.m.) in Saint-Jean-d’Angély (Charente-Maritime) against Stade Bordelais (N2) Saturday 6 (6 p.m.) in Saint-Paul-en-Pareds against Fontenay-le-Comte (N3) Wednesday 10 (6 p.m.) in Champigny-sur-Veude (Indre-et-Loire) against Tours (N3) Saturday 13 (6 p.m.) at Les Herbiers against La Roche VF (N3).

The National 2 championship will resume on Saturday 20, in Massabielle, against Yzeure.

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