Soccer. French Cup: a new Scherwiller

French Cup


The draw will not have been kind to the Violets since they will face for the 2e times the neighbors of Scherwiller, a match relocated to Kintzheim. The injured list has grown for the Sélestadiens since Mordjana, Klein, Ebersold and Heuberger will be absent, while goalkeeper Farschon is serving his last game of suspension. It will be necessary to be united and effective to hope to pass this round and show that the disappointment of the championship match (defeat 0-2) was only an accident.


This 3e tour will bring Baldenheim to its neighbor Artolsheim. The trip will be short, the opposition will be proportionally complicated. Despite the two levels of difference, Oberlin’s teammates know that they will face long-toothed locals. Visitors are aware that it will not be the same health walk as in the previous round. The seriousness will have to be the major asset especially since a surprising elimination there is less…

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