Soccer. French Cup: “A huge kif! “, assures Quentin Le Nay, the captain of Saint-Brandan-Quintin

French Cup (3rd round). Saint-Brandan-Quintin FC (R2) – CO Briochin (R1): 2-2 (5-3 on pens)

 » It’s a sign ! Come on guys, it’s a sign! “While the Cobistes had just missed the 3-1 ball, a voice was raised at La Jaloussée. “Yes, it was me! laughs Quentin Le Nay. His comrade Florent Carrée had just saved his people on his line. Saint-Brandan-Quintin was still alive and Martin Rouxel then equalized with a masterful shot from a tight angle (2-2, 88′).

The rest is known: this penalty shootout which succeeded for the Brandanais, with a ready post. “It’s magnificent, I’m super proud, continues the central defender, also passed by the US Langueux. It’s been four years since we were eliminated by R1 teams. There was Ginglin and Begard, twice. There, it’s the pinnacle, a huge kif! »

“It starts the season”

The native of Plaine-Haute (26) also remembers the Ange-Lemée Cup final, lost last year against Trégor FC (2-2, 4-5 on pens). His team was however arch favorite against a formation which was going to be relegated in D1. “This time, the penalties worked for us. It cheers everyone up. »

Better, “it starts the season”, says the one who succeeded Alexis Thomas as captain. “As he became co-president, he did not want to have several hats. The coach (Martin Rouxel) wanted to reward me for last season”.

« A team of friends »

The manager of a production workshop in Rennes actually missed nothing, or almost nothing, from the previous year. “Just a game or two for suspensions, smiles Quentin. We had no departures in the off-season, except Pierre-Louis Hellio who left for Plaintel and Richard Rabet who stopped football. The workforce is homogeneous. We got stronger, we found a good balance. We’re a team of friends. »

Among the symbols of this qualification, there is the successful entry of young Marc Raoult, only 16 years old. “Last year, he played in U17 D1. He had a cool head, he scored (his shot on goal), I’m super happy for him, ”continues Quentin, also happy for Kévin Le Faou, who arrived this summer and scored the fifth and last winning penalty. « That too is a sign! » It’s great ! This year, there is a way to do something beautiful”. In the cup, of course, but also in the R2 championship, in a group that the Brandanais will discover on Sunday in Morlaix.

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