Soccer. Erstein last survivor of the Coupe de France

French Cup


5e round of the Coupe de France between Erstein and Oberschaeffolsheim promises to be undecided between two teams that play in the same group in the championship.

The seniors 2, after having opened their victory counter in the championship, have the opportunity to extend the series by going to the red lantern, Epfig.

The 3 will receive Strasbourg United 3.

Saturday at 10 a.m.: Pitchounes trays at Nordhouse, 2014 beginners at Erstein, 2015 beginners at Matzenheim Saturday at 1:30 p.m.: U10 II D3 – Plobsheim, Molsheim/Erno III – U10 II D2, St Pierre Bois – U11 II D2, Racing- U11 I D1. Saturday at 2 p.m.: Kronenbourg – U14 R1. Saturday at 2:30 p.m.: Mussig-U13F, Dambach/Edem II – U13 II D2. Saturday at 3 p.m.: Rossfeld-U12 I D2, Maisonsgoutte – U13 I D1, U15 II D2 – Matzenheim (in Krafft) RHW 96 – U16 R3, U16 R1-Metz. Saturday at 4 p.m.: Huningue-U18R3 (Gambardella), Kertzfeld-U15 III D3, Ittenheim-U15F. Saturday at 4:15 p.m.: U15 R2-ASS. Monday at 8:30 p.m.: super veterans-Plobsheim.

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