Soccer. Coupe de France: Plabennec narrowly wins against US Montagnarde – football

French Cup. US Montagnarde (R1) – Stade Plabennecois (N2): 0-1

It was in a well-stocked stadium that the meeting between these two regulars of the Coupe de France began. Derennes, for the Montagnards (4 ‘), and Le Bourdoulous, for Plabennec (10’), were the first to get to work but too timidly to worry the doormen. The first to thrill the stadium was local captain Tison, whose curling shot flirted with the Plabennecoise cross (20 ‘). Unable to take the game on their own, the visitors tried in spurts but Pinvidic (19 ‘) and Le Bourloudous (35’) stumbled on a well-grouped blacksmith defense. Mountain captain Tison, very prominent in recovery, saw his stung ball finished just off Laurent’s goal (36 ‘). The twenty-two actors returned to the locker room without having found a solution.

The Mountain grows … and gets punished

“There is a lot of frustration, I am very disappointed for the players who did what they had to do. They eliminate us on their only chance, ”said the mountain coach, Nicolas Cloarec, at the end of the game. Indeed, by returning with the same desire, the premises were very close to the opening of the scoring when Barry, after having stolen the ball from Menn, narrowly missed the target (52 ‘). Conquerors, the Montagnards started the second period better than the Plabennecois. It was then for Derennes to try, but the attacker missed his duel with the goalkeeper from Finistère (55 ‘). Always more dangerous, the locals saw a nice recovery from the head of Rio diverted on the line by a defender from Plabennec (68 ‘). While the Montagnards seemed in the best position to walk past, the response from the visitors was scathing. Served by a free kick from Guégan, Mourdi propelled the ball with his head in the goal of a helpless Petitgenet (0-1, 76 ‘) … on the only visiting strike. The end of the meeting was disjointed between Blacksmiths who ran after time and Finistériens who let it flow. Nothing was marked and the Plabennecois validated their ticket for the next round.

Gwen Servais, Plabennec’s coach, explained: “We expected a real cup match, we had it. It’s not our best game but, unlike at the start of the season, we were effective. We will retain the qualification. « 


Referee: Mr. Rehel.

GOAL. Plabennec: Mourdi (76 ‘).

Warnings. US Montagnarde: Obame (39 ‘), Rio (75’); Plabennec: Menn (28 ‘), Le Goff (43’), Guéguen (91 ‘).

Exclusion. US Montagnarde: Obame (91 ‘).

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