Soccer. Coupe de France: Nathan Yavorsky, the goalkeeper in a hurry for US Saint-Malo – football

Coupe de France (8th round). Dinan-Léhon – Saint-Malo, Saturday (6 p.m.)

His father, caretaker in Saint-Brieuc and Guingamp, did not want to see his son follow the same path. But he had to face the facts. From the age of 6, Nathan Yavorsky showed encouraging signs to become the last bulwark in football. He himself agrees: “When I was a field player at CPB Bréquigny, in Rennes – where he was born on June 19, 2001 – it annoyed me to take goals. I wanted to replace the keeper! « .

Today, his wish is granted. Before landing in the corsair city two years ago, Nathan went through Stade Rennais, Avranches, Tours and especially the Troyes reserve (L2).

His first year in Saint-Malo was marked by four appearances in goals in the league and three in the Coupe de France. This year, he played seven times in N2 and only once in the Cup, ahead of Plabennec. “I evolve from year to year, admits Nathan. I have made progress in the aerial game and I reassure the team more by going out more ”.

A young man in a hurry

« He is an ambitious young player with above average footing qualities, » analyzes his coach Fabien Pujo, noting that he is one of the only 20-year-old goalkeepers to play in N2. “He has the will to learn. However, he must generate a defense around him. Which should bring it further and higher ”.

Nathan Yavorsky is well aware that he still has a long way to go. But the young man, with a voluntary face, is in a hurry, he who stopped his studies with a bac + 2 in his pocket, in sports marketing. And against Dinan-Léhon, Saturday in the cup? He would see himself keeping the goals from Saint-Malo “to continue the current series. We score a lot of goals and we didn’t take any ”.

Nathan Yavorsky, always up for the challenge.

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