Soccer. Coupe de France: Le Poiré-sur-Vie – La Roche VF on the bill. Sport

The draw for the 6th round of the Coupe de France took place yesterday in Orvault. Seven Vendée clubs were still in the running: Luçon FC (R2), ESO La Roche (R1), FCOC Les Sables (R1), Le Poiré-sur-Vie (N3), Pouzauges FC (N3), La Roche VF (N3) and Les Herbiers VF (N2).

If we want to be optimistic, there will be at least one Vendée club in the 7th round, since the Genots will welcome the Yonnais. “We are happy to receive our neighbors. There will be a good atmosphere at the Idonnière. For us, it’s 50/50 ”. On the side of La Roche VF, we are less categorical. « But it is the treasurer of Poiré who must be happy … »

Pouzauges inherits Le Mans

The Pouzaugeais have inherited a big chunk, since they will receive Le Mans, a National team. « It is certain that we would have liked to play a lower level team, to go further … But we receive. It was the wish of the club. Four years ago, Le Mans eliminated us 3-1. It’s revenge… ”

The Herbretais will move to Beaucouzé (R1). For Lilian Bossard: « It’s a 6e round and there is never an easy draw. Between an R1 at home and a N2, the level is quite tight.  » It will be the same for the Sablais of the FCOC who will receive Châteaubriant (N2). “This is good news for us and therefore a good draw. For the match, anything is possible… ”

There was also the draw for the 5e round of the Women’s French Cup. Saint-Georges / La Guyonnière (R2F) was the only Vendée team qualified. It will travel to Le Mans (R1F).

Prize draw for Vendée clubs

Women’s French Cup: Le Mans (R1F) – Saint-Georges / La Guyonnière (R2F).

Men’s French Cup: Pouzauges FC (N3) – Le Mans FC (Nat.); AS Sautron (N3) – ESO La Roche (R1) ; Le Poiré-sur-Vie (N3) – La Roche VF (N3) ; SC Beaucouzé (R1) – Les Herbiers VF (N2) ; FCOC Les Sables (R1) – Voltigeurs Châteaubriant (N2); Lucon FC (R2) – Le Mans Villaret (R2).

The other matches of the Pays de Loire. USSA Vertou (N3) – Stade Laval (Nat.); SO Cholet (Nat.) – Nantes Saint-Pierre (R3); FC Pellouailles Corzé (D1) – Olympique Saumur (N3); AS Saint-Pierre Montrevault (R2) – USJA Carquefou (R2); La Suze FC (R1) – Saint-Philbert (N3).

The matches are scheduled for Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October 2021

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