Soccer. Coupe de France: in the luggage of Vannes OC during its journey in the North

Coupe de France (Round of 16). Vannes (N2) – Wasquehal (N3), Sunday (4 p.m.)

It is well known: we love fries in the North. And the Vannes OC had to bring out some “potatoes” (preferably bintje) to get there this weekend. « We are on a trip to 10,000 euros all inclusive, » said Franck Mahé, one of the volunteers in charge of stewardship. The money for the Coupe de France (52,000 euros for a qualification in 32nd) will therefore not be too much.

As of the announcement of the draw, two weeks ago, the Vannes OC got in order to prepare for a long trip to the Lille suburbs, where Wasquehal Foot firmly awaits it.

Holiday departure

« We have already had to find a train that accepts a group of 23 people, one day of great departure on vacation, » says Pascal Delenne, the other travel volunteer in the North. The delegation embarked on Saturday shortly after 3 p.m. at Vannes station, with trainer Pierre Talmont, his assistant and physical trainer Sullivan Coppalle and mental trainer Patrice Veglio, who regularly intervenes with the group. “Our physiotherapist Félicité Gilmant is from the North and joined us there,” explains Pierre Talmont, who has not changed his training program this week. « We are used to alternating championship and cup since the start of the season ».

A Christmas snack with the club’s young people on Wednesday, a last Saturday morning session on synthetic (the match will be played at Croix, on a similar surface) and the group had lunch at the Pérenno training center, in Theix, before taking the train.  » In first class ! It’s long, but that changes us from the bus, ”appreciates Junior Noubi, goalkeeper N ° 2, who sparks in the cup.

Junior Noubi, Claudel N'Goubou and Alexis Ebard players “in first class!  : "It's long, but it changes us from the bus ”.
Junior Noubi, Claudel N’Goubou and Alexis Ebard players “in first class! : « It’s long, but it changes us from the bus. » (Photo Mathieu Pelicart)

Mental preparation

The Vannes delegation is accommodated for two nights in a hotel in the district of Lille train station. She may have time to visit the old town on foot this Sunday at the end of the morning, after the video session. Patrice Veglio notably planned to show the players a documentary on the open water swimmer Aurélie Müller, « to emphasize the values ​​of courage and surpassing that the players will need. Because there is no small team in the Cup, even less since extra time was removed, which often made it possible to make a difference physically ”.

Coach Pierre Talmont takes advantage of the train trip to work.  We wonder what?
Coach Pierre Talmont takes advantage of the train trip to work. We do not ask what? (Photo Mathieu Pelicart)

A bus was chartered on site by the club to transport the group at the beginning of the afternoon to the Croix stadium, where the meeting is relocated, at 4 p.m., between Lille and Wasquehal. The Vannes players will only have a short night to celebrate a possible victory: they must take the train back to Brittany on Monday morning, at 7:52 am With the fries, we hope: “This is the kind of trip that , in all cases, created a link within a group, ”says Pierre Talmont with satisfaction.

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