Soccer. Coupe de France: « I reward players who make an effort », the management of Jérémy Fabre at US Perros-Louannec – Football

Coupe de France (8th round). Perros-Louannec (R2) – AS Vitré (N2), Saturday (2 p.m.)

Did you expect to experience such a crazy first coaching season?

What is happening is exceptional. We set the jerseys for our goal (the 4th round). I never imagined reaching the 8th lap for my first year. This is the magic of the Coupe de France. It gave the team a huge boost. The more we advanced in the towers, the more the guys were over-motivated and lived the moment. Everything that happened in parallel around the club, with the supporters, galvanized them. There, we can speak of an epic.

Can we explain it?

I arrived in a group that I knew. I was a player with them before. Several young people have integrated very well and are hardening themselves in R2. I have a nice group. No guy shakes his head or pulls down. There is a very strong identity and cohesion.

You notably carried the colors of Stade Pontivyen and Lannion in CFA2. What type of player were you?

I was a versatile offensive player. In Pontivy, I had started in 6 before being used on more offensive positions in Lannion. I could be 9, 10 or a winger. I had a preference in the axis but I did a few seasons on the sides.

At 35, you could still play …

I could and this is what I was planning to do last season before it was interrupted (having already played the three previous drills since returning to USPL). This year, since I haven’t lost any players and the recruitment was quite satisfactory, I preferred to stay on the sidelines. I think, anyway, it’s complicated to be in the field while giving instructions. The fact of having hindsight allows me to have a better analysis.

Does the player we were determine the coaching profile we become?

Yes for me. I was a player who loved the ball, who loved to dribble and put in effort. I was marked by the seasons in Lannion when there was a big solidarity with almost only young people, friends. The atmosphere was excellent and I want to relive that as a coach. Our career as a player necessarily influences what we want to put in place.

What drives amateur players today? Are they more difficult to mobilize?

They could be more difficult to mobilize than before but that is the role of the coach and the way in which we bring them to see football. To mobilize them, we must succeed in making them happy and giving them this taste for winning. When I take a license, it is to give myself fully. This is why, in my way of coaching, I reward players who make an effort. If some, even with high potential, do not do them or do not mobilize with the group, I would not hesitate to sanction them.

Has amateur football changed a lot?

I hear a lot of difficulties from coaches in relation to certain player behaviors. I am not confronted with young people who want everything right away and who do not understand when we say no to them. But I know that in some clubs, for some coaches, it’s a problem.

How do you get the support of your players without sticks and without shouting loudly?

As a player, I could complain about my teammates. But as a coach, I try to avoid. I don’t think a good manager is someone who screams all the time. I am not sure that yelling at a player who is in action in the 35th minute will allow him to receive the information and translate it. I’d rather slip him a note along the sideline and talk to him about it again at half-time if necessary. I believe a lot in discussion.

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