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French Cup (3rd round). GSI Pontivy – US Montagnarde, Saturday (6 p.m.)

As in 2017 (3rd round against Vannes), 2020 (4th round against Vannes) or 2021 (4th round against Stade Pontivyen), the GSI Pontivy will experience a match where one of the best teams in Morbihan will leave the competition hastily.

“We’re unlucky with the draws,” says President Jérôme Prévost. The positive side is that if we win, we start our season. Unfortunately, there is only a 50% chance that we will pass…”

The Bert: « Stupid »

On the mountain side, this trip to Verdun is also difficult to pass. “It’s not a good draw, especially for a starter. It’s completely stupid. But that’s how it is, I’m not going to feel sorry for ourselves. We are going to play in Pontivy and it will be complicated. I regret that there is no protection compared to N3. But we are told that it is the charm of the cut…”, explains Le Bert.

No protected draw

An observation shared by the president of the GSI: “We had a phone call with Kévin (Le Gal, president of La Montagne). I repeat, it would not be bad if the National level teams (2 or 3) were protected for at least a round or two. I sincerely think that the district clubs would have been happy to receive us. Everyone would end up having a protected draw to begin with. We have, for example, Réguiny who will be happy to host the Pontivyen Stadium… It’s a shame because, for a club like ours, the cup is an economic lifeline that can allow us to consider what’s next. of the season more serenely. There, one of us will lose his skin there and it’s damaging, ”plague Prévost.

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