Soccer. Coupe de France: Châteaulin, a head above Spézet – Archyde

French Cup (3rd round). PB Spézet (D1) – Châteaulin FC (R2): 0-4

The Pendreign stadium was just waiting to catch fire on the occasion of the 3rd round of the Coupe de France for the reception of Châteaulin, new resident of R2. The proteges of Clément Lostanlen, the president, wanted to prolong the adventure by erasing the two divisions away from their opponents. The match got off to a flying start and as soon as the kick-off whistled, Valentin Citérin escaped on his left side, but his shot went too wide past the goal of Jordan Abiven, the visitor goalkeeper (1′). The second local offensive was the work of captain Kévin Lorans. A perfect cross for Valentin Citérin who couldn’t find the target (16′). On the following action, the partners of Dorian Léostic obtained a corner, taken at the near post by Corentin Bernard for the header of Cédric Le Page who opened the scoring (0-1, 17 ‘).

Spézet will have tried everything

The Châteaulinois’ second goal was a perfect « copy and paste » with, once again, Cédric Le Page at the conclusion (0-2, 44′). The second half saw an identical scenario with another headed goal from the visitors following a corner saved by Cédric Le Page for the incoming Thomas Brélivet (0-3, 62′). Les Papillons Bleus were going to concede a last goal on yet another set piece on which Thomas Brélivet turned into a passer for Thomas Lagadec who, with a header a fourth time, definitively sealed the fate of the meeting (0-4, 67 ‘) . The locals, who absolutely wanted to save honor, threw their last forces into battle, in vain. Didier Hascoët, the Châteaulinois coach, recognized the success of his team on set pieces and admitted to having been hot on the first two hot situations of Spézet. “We are not yet in place, nor at the right tempo! he concluded.


Referee: Mikael Senechal

GOALS. Châteaulin: Cédric Le Page (17′, 44′), Thomas Brelivet (62′), Thomas Lagadec (67′)

Warnings. PB Spezet: Kevin Lorans (75′); Chateaulin: Thomas Brelivet (71′), Thomas Lagadec (87′)

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