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Coupe de France (5th round). Bourg-Blanc (R2) – Gouesnou (R2), Sunday (3 p.m.)

The draw for the 5th round of the Coupe de France gave birth to a poster between two R2 clubs seven kilometers away: Bourg-Blanc (R2) and Gouesnou (R2). But can we talk about derby for all that?

For Patrice Arhan, the president of Bourg Blanc, it’s a derby in the geographical sense, but that’s all: “In terms of the distance between the two municipalities, yes. But at the sporting level, no. Why ? I do not know. Perhaps because there are very few players who have played in both clubs, unlike Plabennec, Plouvien, Lannilis or Milizac. Then there was never any sporting friction between the two clubs. I even think that the supporters of the two clubs do not know each other. Now we are very happy to receive them for a match which promises to be very indecisive ”.

« Bourg Blanc remains a derby »

Coach Eric Hernandez agrees with its president: “Compared to what I’m hearing here, it’s against Plouvien the derby. It is the match that holds all the attention, it is a very anchored match. Now, Gouesnou remains an exciting match to play with a 6th round to come ”.

In Gouesnou, we think it’s a derby. At least, that’s the opinion of Samuel Duval, the coach: “Not being from here, I don’t have enough perspective. However, to hear players and managers, Bourg Blanc remains a derby and above all a match to win to write a great page in the history of the club. Because the cup are immeasurable emotions ”.

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