Soccer. Coupe de France: are the Saint-Lois armed for the feat?

After eliminating the PTT Caen (1-0) in the 6th round, Tony Lambard and the Saint-Lois tackle a big chunk, Saint-Brieuc, 14 from N1.
After eliminating the PTT Caen (1-0) in the 6th round, Tony Lambard and the Saint-Lois tackle a big chunk, Saint-Brieuc, 14 from N1. (© La Presse de la Manche)

Clear the two divisions that separate them from Breton club, this is the challenge offered to Saint-Lois to 7th round of the French Cup, this Saturday 13 November 2021 at 18 hours. Can they do it?


The gap might not be that big

Between the 14th in N1 and the 4th in N3, the gap is not that huge. Especially since the Coupe de France, as we know, tends to level values. Saint-Lô will in any case have to carry out a great performance to pass.

This kind of match doesn’t happen often in a career. For some players, this might be the only time.

Matthieu Chevreauthe coach

Another factor that could favor the Manchovies, Saint Brieuc is a playful team. « They are not going to be content to wait for us and that can be beneficial for us, because they will free up spaces », estimates the technician.

Against Guingamp in case of qualification?

Ten days ago, the Federation simultaneously carried out the draws for the 7th and 8th rounds. We therefore know that the winner of this match will face that of the opposing match. Liffré (R1) to Guingamp (L2). What to give additional motivation to the club saint-lois, which has not hosted professional training since AC Ajaccio (L1) in the 32nd final in 2005-2006 (0-2 defeat).

Either way, it would be a great draw. If it’s Guingamp, it’s the timpani. If it’s Liffré, even there, we have chances of continuing the adventure.

Matthieu Chevreau

A whole stadium and a department behind

Last manchese club competing in the Coupe de France, Saint-Lô will have supporters throughout the department. More concretely, that’s all Louis-Villemer stadium who will help the team in their quest for achievement. The leaders expect between 1,200 and 1,500 spectators. “The players will need support, we will not go alone. If the public pushes us to the end of ourselves, who knows what can happen… ”, calls the prefectural coach.


Two divisions is a lot

Of course, in a match, anything is possible. But the reality is there, Saint-Brieuc evolves in a quasi-professional division and has in its ranks experienced elements like Christophe Kerbrat and Benjamin Angoua.

Ailing in the league, the Costarmoricans hope to take advantage of the Coupe de France to regain the confidence and the to smile. In front of them, the Saint-Lois appear a little blunt after a start of the canon championship.

We have to correct some things: start our matches better and concede fewer goals.

Matthieu Chevreau

Saint-Lô has not done the feat for 15 years

We must go back to the 2006-2007 season to see FC Saint-Lô shake up the hierarchy in the Coupe de France. It was during the 7th round, at Tours, equipped with League 2 (0-0, 4-2 tab). Stéphane Chapalain’s teammates bowed to another L2 formation, Montpellier, away again, in the round of 16 (4-1).

The group

Saint-Lô: Lecanu, Fondraz – Saunié, Bresteau, Gosselin, Alibert, Coulibaly, Olivier, Prodhomme, Bopu, Leroy, Lambard, Legentil, Hamard, Le Bedel, Charlot, Leherpeur.

Since then, the Manchese club has achieved some nice courses, but by being satisfied to beat adversaries hierarchically inferior or equal, and by systematically coming up against the bigger ones. What if the feat was for this Saturday, 15 years later?

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