Soccer. Coupe de France (4th round): the Yvelinois received 7 out of 12

Chambourcy reached the 5th round of the Coupe de France for the first time in its history. (© Gilles Testu / Facebook of ASM Chambourcy football)

They were 12 clubs from Yvelines, this Sunday, October 4, in the fourth round of the Coupe de France, they will be only 7, in two weeks, for the penultimate stage of the regional phase. And the Parisian little thumb will always be from 78: Chambourcy (D3) now taking the costume at Bréval-Longnes (D5).

For their entry into the competition, Versailles and Poissy (N2) held their rank by qualifying against hierarchically inferior teams. With the manner for the club of the royal city (3-0 victory against Brétigny, N3) and with many more fears (0-0 then 4-3 on penalties) for the Pisciacais in Gretz-Tournan, a team of R3.

Chatou’s 8-0 card (R1)

On the side of the League teams, Chatou (R1) – author of a cardboard (8-0 on the lawn of Quincy) -, Conflans (R1), Trappes (R2) and Hardricourt (R3) also continue the adventure. It stops there, however, for Coal (R2), eliminated in the last minutes of play (0-1) in Saint-Michel-sur-Orge (D3).

The beautiful epic ends there too for the little thumb Bréval-Longnes (D5) which falls with the honors (defeat 2-0), on its ground, vis-a-vis Vincennes (R1). A great achievement when you know that no less than seven divisions separate these two clubs. Pleasure (D2) also came close to an XXL performance by embarking the Racing club de France (N3) in an endless shootout session (defeat 11 shots on goal to 12).

Plaisir (in red) came out with the honors against the Racing club of France.
Plaisir (in red) came out with the honors against the Racing club of France. (© FO Plaisir)

Chambourcy (D3), first!

For the first time in its history, Chambourcy (D3) will play, him, in two weeks, a fifth round of the Coupe de France after his qualification, at home, against Villeneuve Ablon (D2). Mehdi Belmiloud’s team managed to win on penalties (2-2 after regulation time then 4-3). Camboricians can now dream of a prestigious opponent like the Red Star or Créteil, residents of National 1.


▪️ VERSAILLES (N2) – Brétigny (N3): 3-0

▪️ Gretz-Tournan (R3) – POISSY (N2): 0-0 (3-4 tab)

▪️ LES MUREAUX (N3) – Fleury (N2): 0-1

▪️ Quincy (D1) – CHATOU (R1): 0-8

▪️ Pontault-Combault (D1) – CONFLANS (R1): 0-4

▪️ Paris University Club (D1) – TRAPPES (R2): 2-2 (4-5 tab)

▪️ St-Michel-sur-Orge (D3) – HOUILLES (R2): 1-0

▪️ Champagne 95 (D2) – HARDRICOURT (R3): 0-0 (2-4 tab)

▪️ NEIGHBORS (D1) – Courbevoie (R2): 1-2

▪️ PLEASURE (D2) – Racing (N3): 1-1 (11-12 tab)

▪️ CHAMBOURCY (D3) – Villeneuve Ablon (D2): 2-2 (4-3 tab)

▪️ BREVAL-LONGNES (D5) – Vincennes (R1): 0-2

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