Soccer. Aleksander Ceferin considers that Ligue 1 « is not strong » for Paris SG

Aleksander Ceferin did not go out of his way against Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga. In an interview with Croatian media Sportskethe UEFA president estimated that the early eliminations of Paris SG and Bayern Munich could be partly explained by the « lack of competitiveness » in their national championships.

Ceferin compared the two leagues to Italy and England where there is more adversity. “It is true that these two leagues are not strong. There is more competition in Italy but they are not financially strong. The Premier League has the biggest tradition, the fans are different from those in Italy. When we were at war with the Super League, the English fans helped us. The Italians and Spaniards did nothing. The initiators did not even need the Germans or the French, because their clubs were not concerned by the competition, ”he said.

The UEFA president is still hostile to the Super League but has shown himself open to a Final 4 in the Champions League. “It’s a good idea, but you lose a few matches. You don’t play home and away, and there are fewer matches for TV rights holders. It is too early to share new ideas with the media, but there are plans,” he explained.

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