Snoop Dogg makes a priceless gift to Steph Curry!


Snoop Dogg and Steph Curry took a viral photo in 2015

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Stephen Curry’s dream summer continues. After the Warriors title and toutes the celebrations that go with it, the Chef just received the ultimate mark of approval from Snoop Dogg. This huge Lakers fan gave the Warriors point guard an invaluable gift.

With his new title and first Finals MVP award, Stephen Curry has officially entered a new dimension, that of the Top 10 All-Time. Obviously, his place is not guaranteed in this private club, but the simple fact that the debate takes place is an extraordinary feat for a player who was not necessarily predestined for such a great career.

And since this coronation of the Warriors, the Chief lives his best life with his loved ones and his family. It is in particular gone to France for a romantic weekend with Ayesha, on the occasion of their 11 years of marriage. Back across the Atlantic, it was with his young son Canon that he made the buzz, since at only 4 years old, the youngest of the family seems to have inherited his father’s talent. Shooting and dribbling like this at this age is indecent !

Steph Curry new member of Death Row Records

But after several weeks of celebration, Stephen Curry may have just received the most beautiful gift from Snoop Dogg, yet a big fan of the Lakers… Indeed, the legend of Los Angeles offered the No. 30 of the Warriors a brand new channel, of inestimable value, both financially and symbolically.

Snoop Dogg gave Steph a Death Row channel 🔥

For those who are not necessarily passionate about the world of hip hop, you should know that Death Row Records is one of the greatest labels of all time, since it was founded by Dr. Dre and made it possible to release artists like Snoop, of course, but also Tupac or Nate Dogg. The history of music is not written without Death Row, and Steph Curry now has a piece of this history. He displayed himself proudly with in story:

Snoop Dogg can only respect Stephen Curry, who took the time to travel to Los Angeles for a day with children from the city’s sensitive neighborhoods. The kindness of the Warriors point guard was well worth this incredible gift.


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