Snoop Dogg drops his prediction for the Finals … with a punchline on the Lakers

NBA Snoop Dogg dubbed the Suns

Daniel Dunn / USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA Finals in full swing, more and more people dare to give their predictions as to their outcome. Among these, Snoop Dogg has also revealed his recently. The rapper, however, jumped at the opportunity to tackle … the Lakers.

Leading 2-0 against Milwaukee, the Suns have already managed to make the break by winning both home games. If Monty Williams’ men manage to win at least one game in Wisconsin, then the final victory would practically reach out to them. Suffice to say that excitement and pressure currently go hand in hand in their locker room …

Nevertheless, some observers firmly believe that they will get there without too many problems. Query on the fly by TMZ Sports, Snoop Dogg has made his point clear on the matter. The famous Californian rapper took the opportunity to throw a free spade at a division rival from Phoenix:

I’m happy to see someone other than the Lakers win a title, because you know we keep winning and winning. I don’t know about the sweep, but I think they can win it. I’m happy for Chris Paul and Devin Booker, but we also have to congratulate Monty Williams. I love them more and more.

We will smile after the succulent little tackle addressed to LA, of which Snoop has been a huge fan for years. This season may mark a change, however, as he has verbally dismantled the Crimson and Gold on numerous occasions, in particular Anthony Davis during the playoffs. At the same time, Arizona men are attracting more and more fans, so the lyricist decided to jump into the bandwagon.

However, it is important not to believe that the Bucks have said their last word. Giannis Antetokounmpo and his teammates will fight to the end, and have four more cartridges to completely reverse the series. The Suns have been warned that the games in Milwaukee will be anything but fun. To gain there would therefore be even stronger on the psychological level.

Dubbed by Snoop Dogg in person, Phoenix is ​​establishing itself more and more as the darling of the NBA community, on these Finals. It remains to be seen if they will be able to handle the pressure to the end, or if they will give their opponent a chance to come back.

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