Smatchy the mobile application that connects sports enthusiasts

Smatchy is a mobile application that connects sports enthusiasts wishing to participate in sporting events and share their sessions with other enthusiasts. While Smatchy is only in its beta version, the application already has more than 2,700 users thanks to the Les Bornées community. In this context, the company decided to open up its capital to develop a market that it estimates at 295 million sportspeople in Europe who practice outside a club.

When playing a sport outside of a club, it can be difficult to find partners to share the experience with, and organizing sporting events requires a lot of time and energy. Yet, according to our estimates, more than 295 million people practice a sport outside a club in Europe alone.

In 2018, we launched Les Bornées, a community of cyclists focused on equality and sporting events. To date, more than 2,700 members have joined the adventure. To go further, we wanted to develop Smatchy, a mobile application that allows you to manage and participate in sporting events – both private and public – and easily find sports partners. The Les Bornées community will be the first to have access to Smatchy before the application is opened to individuals and businesses.

For individuals, we will offer a freemium formula that will allow users to meet up with other athletes, create and manage private and public communities, easily organize and follow meet-ups or join other events. .

For companies, we will offer a subscription formula with an interface to manage their communities (collaborators, customers, etc.) and create their own sports campaigns. A participation fee option will also be available. Several companies have already expressed their interest in using Smatchy. Our long-term goal is for our application to become a real tool for them as part of their ESG strategy.

With the funds raised, we will invest in the deployment of our application, but also in the development of our technical and marketing teams.

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