small revolution, the English will have their name on the back for the November matches

Historically, the national rugby teams play without the names of the players on the back of the shirts. But the latter will make their appearance with the XV of the Rose, announced the English federation.

No more traditional jerseys, with only a number on the back for the XV of England. The federation announced this Friday in a press release that the players of the XV de la Rose will play in November with their name on the jersey, as is customary for example in football.

This decision is a small revolution, even if it is becoming more and more democratic in the clubs. It is part of the hope of making the stars more popular with the general public and especially young people.

« We hope this will allow us to consider putting names on the shirts to further promote our world-class England international players who are competing in other international tournaments for men and women, » the statement said.

The players of the men’s team will all wear their names on the back of their shirts from the opening game of the Autumn Nations Series against Argentina at Twickenham Stadium on Sunday 6 November.

A decision that may not be unanimous

However, these flocking names are not unanimous in the United Kingdom. The Times indicated several weeks ago that some reluctant players considered that this would harm the values ​​of rugby and that it could be an open door to a harmful starification phenomenon.

« While fans and players will always be proud to wave the flag and wear the rose in support of England’s rugby teams, we believe player names on shirts can have the potential to bring fans closer to the international stars of our game and we look forward to seeing the reaction to this initiative, » said the statement from the English federation.

It could also be a boon for merchandising, with additional cash coming in directly from custom jersey sales.

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