SM Caen. Lepenant, Chahiri, Gioacchini, Armougom, Rivierez… These Caennais on the start

To have the means to recruit, and to try to strengthen itself by betting on the right candidates, SM Caen must degrease.

Malherbe, who won’t be on equal terms with some Ligue 2 clubs this summer on the transfer window front, won’t have an expandable recruitment envelope either, with majority shareholder Oaktree not one to open the floodgates. thoughtlessly.

There is no strict obligation to sell, but that scheduled by Johann Lepenant nevertheless responds to a form of internal logic, while an agreement for an extension beyond 2023 could not be found previously.

Ongoing negotiations between Caen and Lyon for Lepenant

This sale should also help maintain an economic balance, and offer more latitude to reinvest, while the club seeks to convince Jessy Deminguet to extend, must temporize for Nuno Da Costa, and knows that Alexandre Mendy has courtiers at the foreign.

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As revealed this Monday, May 16 in our columns, Lepenant has chosen to sign in Lyon this summer, where a five-year contract awaits him. Still according to our information, negotiations between OL and Caen are underway for a transfer, but there was no agreement yet at the start of the week.

Malherbe hasn’t completely given up hope of including an automatic loan from Lepenant in the deal, but that option appears difficult to achieve.

Gonçalves to Laval, MLS or Italy for Gioacchini?

Lepenant is one of about ten players whose departure is on the table. There are the elements at the end of the contract, not extended: Rémy Riou, who signs in Lyon. Anthony Gonçalves, who should engage with Laval, promoted to L2. Prince Oniangue. Only a contract extension for Yoann Court, among the free players, has yet to be formalized.

There are also those who will be back from loan, on whom coach Stéphane Moulin does not count a priori, except Godson Kyeremeh.

Nicholas Gioacchini is one of them, while Montpellier should not exercise the purchase option included in the loan negotiated last summer. Clubs from MLS, the American championship, and Italy, would be interested.

No continuation for Chahiri, a solution for Rivierez?

Finally, there are the players still under contract for whom the door is open, like Jonathan Rivierez. Discussions with the club will take place, to try to find a starting solution that satisfies all parties, while the former Messin still has a year of contract.

A deal has already been found for several weeks with Yoël Armougom (contract until 2023) and Sochaux, for the side to join Doubs this summer. And it is not excluded that other elements, especially in the offensive sector, will look elsewhere this summer.

Regarding Mehdi Chahiri, and as previously announced, Malherbe will not follow up on his loan, which in any case did not include a purchase option. Chahiri will return to Strasbourg initially.

SM Caen. Lepenant, Chahiri, Gioacchini, Armougom, Rivierez… These Caennais on the start

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