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The Vision GT virtual garage in the Playstation Gran Turismo game gets an extra electric sports car with this modern interpretation of the 1957 Skoda OHC 1100.

Skoda Vision GT EV Concept Playstation Gran Turismo

Summary :

The Vision GT garage of the Playstation Gran Turismo racing game is already filled with virtual racing cars, but there will always be room for an additional specimen. This time it’s up to Skoda to make its digital contribution and the Czech subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group does it with a modern interpretation of the legendary Skoda OHC 1100 from 1957.

Fully in line with the brand’s future plans, the Skoda Vision GT features a 100% electric powertrain, but to know the specs and experience the performance, you’ll have to play the latest edition of the Gran Turismo franchise. . Because, obviously, there are no plans to move it from virtual to real for a hypothetical series production.

Like the Skoda OHC 1100 this Vision GT references, the body of the sharp-featured virtual racing car sports a red tint and features an open cockpit with a single seat. Don’t look for a classic dashboard, as information is projected like a head-up display on the driver’s visor.

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